Harry and Meghan creating persona to boost US brand after Royal Family split

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle growth away from the Royal Family has been "very creative", a royal expert has claimed.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex stepped back as frontline members of the Royal Family in 2020, and have since navigated the "learning curve" of creating their own "brand".

Speaking of Harry's recent appearance at a UN conference and the backlash received by one Supreme Court Justice, expert Eric Schiffer said the Sussexes were experiencing a "learning curve".

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Despite the reaction to the Duke of Sussex's speech, Harry and Meghan have been "very creative" in their approach to marketing themselves and their brand in the United States.

Mr Schiffer said: "I think all of this is still a learning curve because they're being very creative. I applaud them in that.

"They've been very creative in how they've gone out to build this brand in ways in which there really hasn't been a clear roadmap, unless you've got the full power of the overall authority."

The unique positioning of the Sussexes with their foray into American living and controversial topics puts them in "no man's land," Mr Schiffer added.

But the image of the Sussexes is just as important as their creativity, with the expert adding the Duke and Duchess are currently having to create a "persona".

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Mr Schiffer added: "He's [Harry] got the DNA, but he's got questionable real time bonafides. They're having to create this persona of a global, magnanimous, royal figure."

One way of creating that image, it would appear, is in the upcoming autobiography from Prince Harry, who is said to be attempting to brand himself in similar fashion to Barack Obama.

Daily Star reported the apparent push for a rebrand on the Duke of Sussex, with an expert believing his new book will portray him as a "phoenix rising from the ashes".

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