Harry ‘transformed into California hippie’ and Brits can’t relate, expert claims

Prince Harry’s swanky new job at Silicon Valley Better Up finalised his "transformation" into a Californian hippie, a Royal expert has claimed.

The Duke of Sussex took the job at the mental health startup to "help create impact in people's lives," he says.

He used lingo like "personal development," "increased awareness" and "societal barriers" when discussing the new opportunity, language The Telegraph's Michael Deacon says Brits can't relate to.

Calling Prince Harry a "Californian hippie," the Royal expert said the Duke is suddenly speaking "some mysterious new" Los Angeles language by using mental health buzzwords and talk of self help.

Mr Deacon states that he has “no doubt” the Duke of Sussex will excel in his new but the job of Chief Impact Officer is lost on him.

Writing for the Telegraph, he writes: "Its stated values include 'courage (dare often and greatly)', 'zest (what sets you apart makes us unique)', and 'craftspersonship'.

"What craftspersonship is, I’m afraid I’m not entirely sure. It sounds like a PC form of pottery, or gender neutral – knitting.”

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He adds: "So what exactly will the Duke be doing in his new role? Again, I fear I’m at a loss. All I know is that his job title will be Chief Impact Officer."

The Royal expert goes on to add that this kind of language used by Americans is "evidence of a growing cultural gulf between America."

He claims phrases such as "speaking your truth” and “reaching out," used by Meghan and Harry in their interview with Oprah Winfrey sound “perfectly normal to Californians."

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But to Brits, "we are left either squirming or scratching our heads,” because "we don’t get it."

Mr Deacon writes: “All that talk about 'speaking your truth', 'reaching out', 'what you’re sharing with us', and the rest of it.”

"To Americans – or at least Californians – phrases like those sound perfectly normal.

"Most of us in Britain, however, are left either squirming or scratching our heads. To us, it’s baffling: the bombastic jargon of corporate press release, melded improbably with the mushy blathering of self-help books. We don’t get it."

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