Heartbreaking video shows Ukrainian soldiers rushing to save dog hit by bomb

Ukraine: Dog treated by Ukrainian soldiers after shrapnel wound

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Video footage of the injured dog has been circulating on the internet, the animal has yet to be named and identified but is currently being cared for by Ukrainian troops.

The dog was found injured close to the frontlines after being hit by shrapnel from heavy artillery.

Ukrainian soldiers are being praised for their kindness online, as the soldiers grouped together to organise the rescue mission to save the dog’s life.

Over one million people have reportedly fled their homes in Ukraine since the beginning of the Russian onslaught, which began on February 24, many of these people had to leave behind their family pets to fend for themselves in the warzone.

One of the Ukrainian soldiers can be seen stroking and comforting the dog, offering kind words of affirmation as the injured animal lays on an operating table in a medical centre after receiving an X-ray.

Two Ukrainian soldiers who are kitted out in full combat can be seen carrying the wounded dog into a medical centre in a mental cage.

The dog appears distressed and shaken from its injuries, as it continues to pant and squirm in pain.

A veterinarian can be seen looking at X-rays of the dog, which show areas on the animal’s body which have been impacted by sharp shards of shrapnel.

Towards the end of the clip, the wounded animal seems more calm and relaxed as it lays on what appears to be an operating table, and is comforted with affectionate strokes from one of the Ukrainian soldiers.

The soldier continues to speak to the dog, to comfort it and calm it down before the surgery is undertaken.

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Social media users have been reacting to the rescue footage online.

One Twitter user @Luke70958528 said: “The Ukraine have courage, bravery and humanity in their heart and leave no man, woman, child or animal to suffer!!!”

@MandyW2021 said: “That poor baby doesn’t understand… I hope it makes a full recovery and isn’t too traumatised. Thanks to the Ukrainian heroes for not leaving their comrades behind”

@AllisonHare said: “Poor old girl, it’s just so sad. Look into her eyes and there you see a beautiful soul. Thank you brave Ukrainians.”

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@BenBric38586k760 said: “Good thing the orcs didn’t find the dog they would have eaten it!”

@Lowball42 said: “So many heartbreaking animal rescue stories, in Ukraine.. but each one makes me love the Ukrainian people, more. God bless these guys and #SlavaUkraini!”

@Lukaluckbox said: “Poor thing.. I’m almost in tears. Keep fighting, almost the entire world is with you guys.”

@Pinia84924868 said: “The measure of humanity is also the attitude towards animals. They are also victims of the war.”

Some Ukrainian citizens were able to take their pets when they fled in February to other neighbouring European countries for refuge, whilst others had no choice but to leave theirs behind.

Helpful volunteers for the animal charity IFAW have already sent out £114,000 of emergency aid and are currently trying to raise more funds for the animals in  Ukraine which are in dire need.

IFAW’s regional director, James Sawyer told The Mirror: “The most helpful thing right now is to provide local groups with resources. We can’t put boots on the ground, it’s too dangerous.”

“The shelter workers are currently still in place and we will provide resources so they can carry on caring for the dogs. The conditions are very difficult”.

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