Hero Brit dad saved hundreds of swimmers after seeing huge shark from his drone

A British bloke has been lauded as a hero after he used his drone to save hundreds from a huge shark.

The 20ft beast was spotted prowling the waters of Meelup Beach, Western Australia, where the family of drone pilot David Alphonoso, 36, was swimming.

The father on one had been gathering footage of the breathtaking wildlife in the area when he spotted one animal he didn’t want to see.

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The electrician’s boy, two-year-old Sonny, had been splashing about at the water’s edge when David Facetimed his wife Kirsty to alert tell her he could see a great white shark in the water.

As she got Sonny out, Kirsty told her fellow beachgoers what she had just heard on the phone and cleared the beach.

Then, as if that wasn’t enough, David then used the drone as a marker for lifeguards to help them locate the apex predator.

They then approached the beast with jet skis and confirmed that it was in fact a great white.

David told the Sun: “Good job I had my drone up there. There must have been up to 1,000s of people on the beach.

“I saw these sharks — possibly great white or bronze whaler — just 10ft or so from swimmers and 6ft from shore. The outline was unmistakable. It looked so menacing.”

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David said he couldn't see the creature there and not tell his family, his actions ultimately leading to lifeguards shitting the beach and a shark alarm being sounded.

“Apparently the shark was huge up close — and if it was in the shallows it was looking for prey.”

The couple left the UK to live in Australia eight years ago and were being visited by David’s brother, Zak and father Dave.

Dave, with a very valid point, said: “Fair to say this would never happen in Northampton.”

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