Hero dog saves elderly owner, 81, from drowning after wheelchair slips into lake

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A brave dog saved her 81-year-old owner from drowning after his wheelchair terrifyingly slid down a grass embankment and fell into a lake.

Harry Smith was walking his beloved beagle mix Sarah when his electric wheelchair fell down the side of a steep bank and flipped him into the water, according to a Facebook post from the local police department.

The nine-year-old canine reportedly sensed Harry was in danger as he couldn't swim and was struggling to keep his head above the water.

Sarah began barking loudly, which got the attention of passersby in Port St. Lucie, Florida.

Talking to WPTV, Harry said: "I tried to back around to get out of it and it went straight back instead and right down the embankment and dumped me right in the water."

Edward Suhling and Aby 'Jacob' Chacko luckily heard Sarah's barks and came to Harry's rescue.

"The dog was splashing in the water," Suhling, 58, told local newspaper TCPalm.

"So we both ran over here and I jumped in the water, and my buddy grabbed his arms and I grabbed his legs and we got him up on shore."

Chacko, 49, was also able to get the attention of Officer Adam Doty as they were running toward the scene.

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Once the three men got to where Smith was, only his head was above the water.

Suhling said: "You could just see it in his face. He thought he was dying."

He added that Sarah was "the real hero that day".

Smith was able to return home after he had received medical attention at the scene, but his electric wheelchair had sadly been damaged by the water.

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The man and his dog were escorted home by Officer Doty and a member of the St. Lucie County Fire District.

Smith had some very loving words for his brave pooch, whom he's had for seven years.

"She's such a good dog. Everybody in this neighbourhood loves her, they all look out for her," he told WPTV.

"I love her, always have, always will."

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