Hero police strip down to undies to save golden retriever from frozen lake

An incredible video shows two brave police officers stripping down to their underpants to jump into a frozen lake and rescue a golden retriever.

In the clip, recorded on Tuesday (December 7) in Spain, the poor dog is flailing in the water after the ice covering the lake cracked under its weight and trapped it.

One of the Civil Guard agents is already in the freezing-cold water and smashing the ice with a large stick so he can reach the dog, named Siro.

His partner starts stripping down to his green underpants and joins him in the icy water and they then paddle together to the bank of the reservoir with the dog in tow.

According to reports in Spanish media, the Canfranc patrol were alerted to Siro's plight at 11 am and found him swimming wearily and crying between blocks of ice at the lake in Badaguás, Huesca.

The clip was up-voted more than 28,000 times since it was uploaded on Reddit with the caption: "Police officers saving a dog from a frozen lake in Huesca, Spain."

Many people had tragically lost dogs in frozen lakes and warned people to always have them on a leash near the water.

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One user shared: "My dog ran across a frozen lake after getting of his leash. He also fell into the lake about halfway across. Ran in right after him.

"Luckily I was able to get him out and get him back home in a timely manner.

"We somehow both got out unharmed without any frostbite."

A second person said: "I honestly would have drowned… I'd have f**** it up entirely and drowned myself in the icy water."

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Someone else commented: "I once swam in a cave and the water was so cold it was painful.

"I can’t even imagine how'd it feel to swim in a frozen lake."

Other people pointed out it is very easy to drown when you jump into cold water and cautioned against doing what the cops did.

A man tragically died in 2018 in London after jumping into a frozen lake to attempt to save his beloved dog.

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