‘Hes eating her face!’ Pals chilling scream as pet chimp shreds womans face

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A crazed pet chimpanzee started 'eating' a woman's face as he stripped it of flesh in a drug-fuelled attack.

Sandra Herold was left no choice but to stab her £40,000 pet in the back with a carving knife and batter him over the head with a shovel when he unleashed a savage assault on her friend.

Teenage chimp Travis, 14, had become a local celebrity in Connecticut, US, where he was considered harmless until gouging out and eating the eyes of Charla Nash on February 16, 2009.

Sandra who raised Travis and shared a bed with him desperately called the police for help, yelling: "He ripped her apart! Hurry up! Hurry up! Please!”

“He—he ripped her face off! He's eating her face!"

Travis shrugged off Sandra's best attempts to save her friend and even ran off with four bullets in his back before eventually crashing to his death.

Charla miraculously survived but her injuries were so horrific that paramedics were unable to decipher the victim's gender due to the severity of the wounds.

Sandra had slipped Travis a larger than normal dose of anti-anxiety medicine Xanax in his daily cup of tea on the same day that he threw Charla against the side of her car.

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The chimp gorged on her face and hands and threw about "strips of flesh and scalp" had been flung around Sandra's garden.

Sandra said: “I grabbed the shovel and hit him with the shovel to stop it. It wasn't working, so I went and I had to get a knife — and I stabbed him. I had to.

"He looked at me like, ‘Mom, what did you do?’”

Slumped in a pool of her own blood, police assumed that Charla was dead until she moved and rushed to hospital where she eventually received a face transplant.

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Travis was still in a frenzy of bloodlust when police arrived and opened one of their car doors before lunging at an officer.

Despite being shot four times at point blank range Travis didn't die.

He ran back in to the house, and collapsed dead on his special bed, leaving a trail of blood behind him.

Prior to her own death from an aneurysm 15 months later Sandra, told NBC: “It was a horrible thing. But I'm not a horrible person. And he wasn't a horrible chimp. It was a freak thing.”

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