Hissing 11-foot alligator lunges at people in something out Jurassic Park

This is the nail-biting moment a wild alligator snapped at trappers and engaged in death rolls to avoid getting captured.

The experts had a dangerously-close encounter with the 11-foot beast as they battled on the street near the residential area of Homestead, Florida.

"This will get your adrenaline pumping! It’s almost like something out of Jurassic Park!" said Pesky Critters Wildlife Control on Facebook.

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In the footage shared last Thursday, the workers use flood lights to light up the road where a trapper is trying to lasso the beast.

The apex predator growls and lunges at him, forcing the man to take a few steps back.

When he manages to secure the rope around the alligator's head, he quickly runs behind it but the beast fights back.

It even engages in a "death roll" manoeuvre, which is often seen when a gator tries to destroy its prey.

A colleague steps in and puts a noose around the animal's mouth but it won't budge and hisses at the trappers.

It took them a few attempts to successfully capture the alligator and put it on the back of a pickup truck before they release it back to nature.

The animal control group wrote: "An 11ft alligator was trapped at 3:30am this morning (May 25) after a resident was out exercising and crossed paths with it near the Homestead sports complex on 152nd Ave.

"The call first came into Homestead Police and Todd Hardwick along with his trappers at Pesky Critters Wildlife Control were quickly dispatched.

"After quite the battle, they successfully captured the gator."

As alligators are most active between dusk and dawn, the experts suggested residents to avoid swimming at night.

Pet owners are advised not to walk their dogs near water as "dogs often attract an alligator’s interest".


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