Holiday park chef sexually assaulted girl, 15, after she passed out on Halloween

A holiday park chef who sexually assaulted a 15-year-old girl while she was sleeping in a caravan told police she was "lying out of malice" because he called her "a piece of s***" before admitting to his awful crime.

The girl woke up naked at Skipsea Sands Caravan Park in East Yorkshire on Halloween 2018, before Ryan Yates put his hand around her neck having already penetrated her with his fingers, a court heard.

Yates, 23, originally denied "ever entering her room" but the defendant’s DNA was found on the victim and he was sentenced to three years and nine months in prison, Hull Live reported.

Michele Stuart-Lofthouse, prosecuting, told Hull Crown Court the victim had been drinking at Halloween Party at Skipsea Sands Holiday Park, where Yates worked as a chef.

After being “very drunk”, she went back to her room, changed and went to bed.

“She woke up in the early hours of the morning to find the defendant penetrating her with his fingers,” Miss Stuart-Lofthouse told the court.

“The defendant left to go to his room and when she went to speak with him, she found him removing his trousers, giving the impression he was already in bed.

“The police were called in half an hour and collecting forensic evidence.

“The next morning Yates called the police and said he understood allegations were made against him and that they were lies. He said they were made out of malice because he had told her she was a 'piece of s**t' that night.”

In a statement read out to the court, the victim said: “It makes me feel sick and disgusting, and I get so upset and angry.

"You have no right to do this to me, no right to touch you. I was asleep and drunk and a child.

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"He made me have physical pain afterwards, I was sore and everything hurt. I actually feel heartache when I think about that when he did, and I don't think I will ever get over it."

Yates had no previous convictions. Judge Sophie McKone told him: "It was the night of Halloween and she was extremely intoxicated and had to be put to bed and was therefore vulnerable.

"You came into her room where she had passed out and you inserted your fingers into her vagina, causing her pain and soreness. When she woke up, you had your hands around her neck.

"You had consumed a significant amount of alcohol that night which is of course an aggravating feature. You did this, it would seem, out of a sense of entitlement and sexual frustration.

"Your victim now has to live with the consequences of what you did. She's felt sick and disgusted and angry, and she now finds it difficult to trust people."

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