Homeless woman says she killed 12-year-old girl for her body parts

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French police have charged a 24-year-old homeless woman from Algeria with the brutal murder of a 12-year-old girl, who was found dead in a suitcase on Friday. Dahbia B who is said to be suffering from “serious psychological problems”, was indicted for the murder, rape and torture of her young victim. 

The schoolgirl’s face was also covered in tape and her feet and fists were bound, according to reports.

An investigating source said: “The alleged murderer somehow earned her victim’s confidence and led her into a cellar below the building, where the attack happened.

“The attacker had been talking about selling organs and body parts, but none of this makes sense.

“She acted alone and gratuitously, and defiled her victim before killing her.”

The last moments of a 12-year-old girl were revealed in haunting CCTV images.

The young girl, known only as Lola, went missing on Friday in Paris, failing to return home from school.

She was later discovered on the same day tied up and dead inside a plastic suitcase not far from her home.

Lola was filmed by security cameras entering the building where she lived.

She was following behind a woman dressed in white trainers, light leggings and a grey jumper.

Witnesses later claimed the woman was seen carrying a suitcase similar to the one the child was found in.

Lola was wearing white clothes and was carrying what appeared to be a school bag.

Both the woman and Lola were filmed entering the block of flats at 3.20pm on Friday afternoon.

Thereafter she was not seen again, before the gruesome discovery of her body was made at 11.30pm on the Rue d’Hautpoul, a few streets away from her home.

Police told French media that they had found signs of kidnapping in the basement of her family’s building.

A resident told BMFTV he saw the suspect dragging the suitcase almost two hours after Lola’s disappearance.

He said: “We saw her go into the building, she was all alone.

“We saw her half an hour later with a suitcase, she was speaking a bit with everyone, she seemed to be a bit crazy.


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“She was struggling to carry the suitcase, we thought it was because it was heavy items and she was quite slim – we never thought it was a body.

“It was 5pm and she was walking around with that suitcase, she even left it outside a cafe and went to the bakery opposite to buy a croissant as if nothing had happened.”

Police were alerted to Lola’s disappearance by her mother, Delphine.

When she failed to return home, her mother went top the police at 5pm to report her missing.

Delphine later posted a message on social media, pleading for people to help find her 12-year-old.

She wrote: “Alert abduction of our daughter lola seen last time at 15:20 in the company of a woman we don’t know in our residence.

“She got white jeans on. A white sweater with a hood.

“As well as his grey backpack. Please help us find her.”

After the appeal went out, a homeless man contacted police several hours later to say he had come across the suitcase containing Lola’s body.

Police arrested the man and the female suspect seen in the CCTV footage, along with several others.

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