Horrible tourists tell staff to f*** off and spell out p*** with chips

A group of “horrible” holidaymakers reduced restaurant staff to tears with their shocking behaviour, according to a social media post from a bar.

During the incident, a group of “horrible people” reportedly became abusive at the Llanbedrog Beach Bar in North Wales and allegedly threw their plates at a staff member, telling her to “f*** off”.

“They were the rudest people we have ever had here,” wrote one staff member, urging other local business-owners to ban them.

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“They are horrible horrible people! I felt so bad – they were all shouting and causing a scene in front of the children and they were old enough to know what was going on.”

The party of two men, two woman and two children were also said to have turned all their plates upside down and spelt “p*** with their chips, reports North Wales Live.

The appalling display has been blamed on changes in new rules on holiday homes in Wales, which have seen many second homes being converted to AirBnBs and “rented out to anyone”.

A woman from Wigan, Greater Manchester, said some second home owners were being forced to let their properties at “massively discounted prices” to meet the Welsh Government’s 182-day occupancy threshold for avoiding council taxes and premiums.

The overall impact is a change in the type of customer the area has traditionally attracted, some believe.

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“Definitely noticing the difference,” said one woman. “Glad I am not the only one disgusted with the behaviour of the visitors this year.” A Pwllheli man added: “The behaviour of the few so far this season has been sadly quite shocking!”

One former holiday home owner, Sue Hanning said she had sold the property because she felt unable to justify the extra council tax costs, and was unwilling to share it with “strangers”.

She still loves the place but her decision to sell was also motivated by its changing culture as the Airbnb brigade moved in.

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“They don’t care about the area and they don’t care how much noise they make,” said the retired primary school teacher from the West Midlands.

She recalled short-term visitors partying late, throwing beer cans and litter off balconies and even spitting from their rooms.

A Staffordshire visitor said falling standards of behaviour wasn’t limited to former second homes. “People are renting caravans to people they do not know,” she said. “A lot more problems on our caravan site this year than ever before.”

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