Horror moment baby girl, 1, is shot by stray bullet during corner shop gunfight

This is the harrowing moment a one-year-old girl is shot by a stray bullet in her mum's arms while they were shopping inside a convenience store.

The incident took place at a corner shop on the 50th Street and Haverford Avenue in west Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on Saturday night (July 17).

CCTV inside the shop shows the hail of gunfire from both inside and outside the store, forcing customers to flee behind the shelves for shelter.

The mum is seen paying at the till while holding her toddler girl in her arms before she hears the gunshot and runs to safety.

A man standing by the door pulls out a handgun and fires towards the door.

The terrified parent then begs for the shoppers' help after her child is shot in the leg.

Police and emergency services were called to the scene and sent the girl to a hospital. She is expected to survive the injury.

Store owner Majid Choudary told ABC News that the incident left her scared for safety, adding: "The day when that happened, that night I couldn't even sleep because my mind was still hearing that voice."

One person has been arrested in connection with the shooting.

District Attorney Larry Krasner addressed the shooting on Monday (July 19) and discussed the surge in violence, which is now impacting innocent children.

"A one-year-old child was shot," Krasner said. "I think we're all impacted by the injustice of children suffering wounds."

According to ABC6, 123 children have been shot in Philadelphia to date and 21 of them have been killed by gunfire, a dramatic increase from this time last year.

More than 1,200 hundred people have been shot this year, with 263 people dying as a result of the gun violence.

Three months ago in New York city, a woman was killed at a point-blank range just outside a convenience shop when her ex-girlfriend, Latisha Bell, approached from behind.

The couple ended their 20-year relationship and broke up three years ago.

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