Horror moment dad is gunned down in UK street as two young girls flee in terror

A shocking piece of CCTV footage showed the moment a dad-of-two was gunned down in front of two little girls on a quiet street.

Luke Graham, 31, was murdered in broad daylight on the afternoon of June 13 in Ashton-under-Lyne, back in 2018, as part of a vicious drugs turf war.

The video was first shown in BBC documentary 'The Detectives: Fighting Organised Crime' as experts gave frontline insight into the police force's battle against organised crime.

It shows the moment the gunman began shooting at Graham and his business partner Anton Verigotta who were sitting inside a white van.

When the gunman fires the first shot, Verigotta exits the vehicle from the driver's seat while Graham remains in the passenger seat, waiting for his partner to return.

The shooter, who wears all black with his face covered by a balaclava, crosses the street as he fires at Verigotta from the back, then he quickly returns to the van and fires a shot into the driver's side.

Then he walks around to the passenger's seat, by which time Graham can be seen hanging out of the vehicle – fatally wounded.

Three men dressed all in black can then be seen getting into an Audi A4.

Police understood that Graham, known as ‘Tank’, had been lured there believing he was carrying out a drug deal, reports the Manchester Evening News.

In 2019 five men were jailed over the shooting, but one suspect remains at large.

Callum Halpin, 27, is wanted by Greater Manchester Police in connection with the murder of Graham and the attempted murder of Anton Verigotta.

The National Crime Agency has today named Halpin as one of the UK’s 12 most wanted.

Police believe Callum Halpin was involved in the shooting. He is described as 6ft tall, of fair complexion, a gym user with an athletic build, and possibly a lazy eye.

He has links to Spain and Turkey but his last known address was Beede Street, in Openshaw.

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