Hundreds of pounds raised for young boy who gave back £400 cash machine spat out

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Hundreds of pounds have been raised by strangers for a kind-hearted boy who handed in £400 spat out of a cash machine.

Schoolboy Jack Greenhalgh, 11, had been fiddling with buttons on the ATM inside an Asda store in Salford, Greater Manchester.

He was waiting for his friend when all of a sudden the machine starting churning out rolls of banknotes.

Quick-thinking Jack alerted a nearby cleaner and a security guard – who had been keeping an eye out after a customer said her money hadn't come out of the machine – came and took the cash.

Readers were quick to praise Jack's honesty and wanted to add to the £10 gift card that Asda gave the 11-year-old as a reward.

Lindsey Dawson, a Salford local, set up a GoFundMe page titled 'Let's treat Jack for being an honest lad!' and in less than 24 hours it's raised £460 – more than the amount he handed in.

Lindsey told Manchester Evening News : "It was just to reward him really, I felt really proud. I don’t know him or his family but he’s done the right thing and is a credit to his family. Lots of people probably would have just taken the money sadly."

Jack had told us how he'd already spent his £10 gift card on a new book, some football cones, a drink, some sweets and a bar of a chocolate for his grandad Jack, who helped him during lockdown.

Now he can finally splash out on the Oculus Quest 2 gaming headset that was at the top of his shopping list if he did have money to spare.

"It's crazy," said Jack, a Year 7 pupil at secondary school.

He says: "I feel famous at the moment. I didn't think handing in £400 would make the news and all this fundraising.

"I'm surprised so many people have donated. I've wanted an Oculus since last year so now I'll be able to get one. Everyone's always saying how you get back what you give and this proves it's true."

Jack's mum Donna, a full-time carer for grandad Jack, couldn't be prouder.

She said: "We honestly cannot believe it. We are so, so overwhelmed. He has had so much praise off so many kind people, he feels so famous at the minute."

To donate to Jack's GoFundMe page, visit the website here.

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