Hunter killed by boar hed just shot after it sprung up as he went to claim it

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A wild boar turned the tables on a hunter after attacking him and killing him in front of his dad.

The hunting incident took place in the woods in the municipality of Castell'Azzara in the province of Grosseto in the Italian region of Tuscany on January 19.

A friend of the victim Giulio Burattini who attended the funeral described the "desperate cry for help" the father-of-one let out when attacked.

“That cry for help and then nothing more," commented a fellow hunter outside the church. "A tragedy that we really find it hard to explain."

According to local reports, Giulio was hunting with his father when he saw the wild boar and shot at it.

The boar fell to the ground as if hit by the bullet and the hunter went over to check.

The animal reportedly sprung to its feet and charged at the man, biting his right leg and severing the femoral artery.

The injured hunter bled profusely from his deep wounds on the ground in front of his father.

The emergency services arrived along with a forest rescue team. However, nothing could be done to save the 36-year-old man's life.

His father reportedly needed treatment for shock.

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The Public Prosecutor's Office in Grosseto was notified about the hunting incident and it was decided that it would be unnecessary to carry out an autopsy on the victim's body, as the accident was caused by a wild animal and there are no criminal implications involved in the case.

Giulio, who came from Castell'Azzara, leaves behind a wife and a six-year-old daughter. Another friend at his funeral said his "great passion was hunting."

"I am truly shocked by what happened," the mayor of the small town, Maurizio Coppi, said.

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