I kept £480k lottery win from hubby for years – he only found out by accident

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A woman who scooped almost half a million pounds just months before her wedding to her childhood sweetheart has revealed that she kept the huge win from him because he loved to spend.

The woman "panicked" and feared their lives would "turn upside down", so chose not to tell her husband-to-be, Mike.

However, after the August 2014 win Mike saw a text on her phone from her chipper financial advisor celebrating a savvy investment that brought her fortune to around $1 million.

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The woman shared her story on Reddit, not revealing her identity. Her post read: "My husband has a tendency to spend on things we don't need and that aren't going to benefit us in the long run so I didn't want our money to be blown quickly on stupid stuff like cars and clothes.

"I opened a new bank account with a national credit union and put the cheque in.

"Got started with a financial advisor (Keith), who guided me into investing in local businesses and real estate. And that's that. It's been sitting there since, just growing."

The woman was able to silently lift the Lotto win because she was still legally single at the time, having not yet married Mike.

She also kept the win silent from other family, and friends too.

Speaking about the moment she was rumbled by Mike, she continued: "My husband is stunned.

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"Has no clue what to even say, staring at me until he says 'We have a million dollars??'

"I was so flushed but finally just sat him down and explained the situation. He's clearly mad at me for never telling him.

"Asks if my family knows, and I tell him that no one knows except the IRS and Keith."

He asked for "a few days to clear his head" and stayed with a friend, but eventually came around.

"He agreed he would have spent the money on dumb things if he'd won it and is happy that I put it away," she said.

The couple make £145,000 a year combined and have now vowed to only dip into the pot "emergencies and pre-discussed things".


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