I trick Russians into watching war videos when they download films online

A Ukrainian is sharing the atrocities of Vladimir Putin's war by hijacking pirate movies in Russia with harrowing content.

Showbiz journalist-turned war reporter Volodymyr Biriukov has linked up with censorship dodgers Torrents of Truth to wake propaganda-hit masses up to the realities of bloodshed in Ukraine.

Writing for the Metro, Volodymyr revealed he had witnessed Russian soldiers setting Ukrainians on fire, tying them up, shooting them in the head and tearing nails off their fingers.

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A terrorised mum even told him how evil troops raped her 14-year-old daughter and 11-year-old son before her very eyes as she was tied up. "This is for you because you do not like Russians," she was told.

Eager to do what he could, Volodymyr got in touch with the cyber action group Torrents of Truth which aims to counter misinformation and brainwashing in Russia.

One method of achieving this is embedding explainer videos about the war in Ukraine on blockbusters available to illegally download online in Russia.

The viewing of pirated material has reportedly skyrocketed in Russia following Kremlin encouragement to do so out of spite for sanctions handed out by the West.

Downloads are typically interrupted with the message: "This isn’t what you expected to see. But it is something you should see. The truth."

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Volodymyr said: "I decided to get involved immediately. I made a 10-minute video myself for Torrents of Truth. It was extremely emotional, recounting the horrendous things I’d seen."

It already seems to be working as the experienced reporter claims to have been told that his Torrents of Truth content is shocking those living under extreme censorship.

"Several friends living in Russia wrote to me to say they’d watched it, and didn’t believe it could be true. It didn’t surprise me," he said.

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"For many Russians, what is happening in Ukraine is closed and inaccessible content. Many acquaintances of mine don’t even know what is happening, and just how many lives are being devastated and destroyed.

"This is happening right now, and I am determined to spread the truth to every corner of the Earth about what is happening to my people right now.

"I am optimistic that Torrents of Truth will help. We need to show everyone the full, unfiltered facts."


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