Ian Huntley set for cushy day when Monster Mansion jail is unlocked

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    A HMP prison dubbed the "Monster Mansion" holds some of the worst criminals in the country, including murderer Ian Huntley and formerly serial killer Peter Sutcliffe.

    HMP Frankland, in County Durham, received its chilling nickname due to the number of grisly rapists, murderers and serial killers it houses. More than 800 prisoners are currently held there including high-risk sex offenders and some guilty of terror-related charges.

    Those spending time in HMP Frankland include sick child killer Levi Bellfield and Sean Mercer, the man sentenced to 22 years minimum for the death of Rhys Jones. Bellfield had even confessed to more murders during his time in HMP Frankland, The Mirror reported.

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    The prison first opened its doors in 1983 and only takes in male prisoners over the age of 21 to this day. HMP Frankland has since housed the lowest of the low, including Lee Rigby's killer Michale Adebolajo and nail bomber David Copeland.

    Among the disgusting line-ups within is Ian Huntley, the twisted individual who killed Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman in 2002. An "unrecognisable" Huntley, recently papped and posted by the Daily Star, was jailed for life for the double murder.

    The former school caretaker is one of many criminals settling in behind bars, and the sick killer could be set for yet another "cushy" Christmas on the inside. A former prisons officer has spoken out on how the lags, including Huntley and Bellfield, enjoy cash gifts and plates loaded with Christmas goodies.

    Speaking to the Daily Star, they said: "They don’t say happy Christmas to you. They couldn’t care less. They all have a cushy time I believe." The prison is "unlocked" for the day according to the unnamed source, meaning the prisoners are free to roam around.

    Prisoners will be given a set menu request three weeks before December 25 so they can take their pick from a foods list wehich "caters for everyone". A three-course meal with choices of turkey, beef and chicken is also presented.

    The prison officer added: "There’s nothing wrong with the food they get, it’s nice. On the normal wings they all eat together, there’s a big table where they eat their Christmas dinner. They have to ask permission to do that. But it all depends on behaviour."

    In April this year, it was reported that phones were being installed in cells so prisoners wouldn't have to queue to speak to relatives and contacts on the outside. Some called it a 'terrible' idea and said the scheme could be 'abused'.

    Scotland Yard detective Peter Bleksley said: "The idea that monsters like Huntley and Bellfield are ­getting phones in their cells is outrageous. I can see it being abused." But prisoners with shorter sentences being given phones is "not a bad idea," he added.

    Another source, speaking to The Mirror, added that "phone use in prisons is subject to strict time limits, risk assessments and monitoring". Whether phones are handed out in the prison is yet to be seen, though care would likely be taken as the endless supplies of cash filtered into the prison over Christmas cause for concern.

    Huntley, who is also housed in HMP Frankland, made headlines in May of this year after being rushed to hospital. The security operation, reported by BirminghamLive, saw the sick child killer transported to a nearby hospital.

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