Ibiza holiday horror as UK tourist rushed to hospital after plunging from tourist hotspot

UK residents arrive in Ibiza as travel restrictions are lifted

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The English man, 56, was hospitalised during the early hours of Sunday morning. He was taken to the Policlínica Nuestra Señora del Rosario hospital after tumbling from the Bastion of Santa Llúcia in the old town of Ibiza.

It’s believed the man suffered head injuries and cranioencephalic traumatism.

He was initially stabilised at the scene by emergency services, then taken to the trauma unit of the hospital.

There is no further detail on the man’s injuries.

Over the same weekend, a 26-year-old German tourist on the island of Ibiza was taken to the same hospital after he was stabbed in the face.

He suffered a deep laceration to the face after being assaulted on Saturday night.

The injured holidaymaker needed 30 stitches to his face after the attack, according to Spanish news outlet El Diario de Ibiza.

The outlet reported that the man was injured after confronting thieves.

The German tourist is thought to have been part of a group of holidaymakers who noticed items missing from their rented villa on the island.

Using a geolocation facility on one of the digital devices, they were able to track the missing items to a nearby street and attempted to recover them.

The Spanish Balearic Islands are among the most popular destinations for British and German tourists.

But new rules rolled out across the islands and mainland Spain this year have infuriated tourists as the tourist season gets underway.

As part of a number of measures to limit anti-social behaviour, Spanish authorities have introduced a “six drink limit” in place for tourists on all-inclusive binges.

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It includes pub crawl bans, crackdowns on happy hour offers and the inevitable disappearance of two-for-one drink offers.

Hefty fines await those who breach these, and potentially their own, limits.

Jason Walker, a Majorca holidaymaker from Lancashire, was incensed to discover these new restrictions on what he believed was to be an all-inclusive holiday.

The 42-year-old said: “I understand they are trying to stem alcohol abuse and rowdy behaviour, but I think this has been done very sneakily – I was not made aware of it and didn’t know about the law.”

He added: “If you are booking an all-inclusive holiday, I recommend that you look at the small print and see what is actually included and what’s not because the rules have changed.”

Travel expert Eoghan Corry said the measure was aimed at reducing alcohol-fuelled chaos and injuries among booze-filled tourists.

He said: “It’s been a runaway problem at all-inclusive resorts for many years. What’s happened is that a small number come and try and get boozed.

“It tends not to be the cost of it that they look at, it’s the disorder that can result.”

Additional reporting by Maria Ortega.

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