Incredibly rare giant squid monster with razor-sharp teeth terrifies beachgoers

A monster giant squid with razor-sharp teeth left beachgoers horrified after it washed up on a shore.

They were stunned at seeing one of the world's most elusive deep-sea creatures, which was only filmed for the first time in 2006 and photographed alive for the first time in 2001.

Giant squid can span a staggering 43ft, although the beast that recently washed up in Kommetjie, South Africa, wasn't fully grown, but was still estimated at a whopping 11ft 5ins (3.5) long.

Local Ali Paulus, 44, and her wildlife-mad sons rushed to the beach when they heard about the incredibly rare sighting.

She said: "After our neighbour notified us we rushed to the beach. I couldn't believe how big it was.

"What really stood out to me were the razor sharp 'teeth' inside the suckers on their tentacles. I have since learnt that they are used to defend themselves against sperm whales.

"I was super sad that the squid was dead, however it was incredibly fascinating for my sons to see. I have never seen anything like it before."

She explained that some local fisherman "sadly" came and carved the squid up for meat, but not before she was able to take some incredible photographs.

Usually, giant squid are kept at the Iziko Museums when they are discovered in South Africa.

Intact remains can fetch thousands, with Melbourne Aquarium in Australia paying AUS$100,000 (£57,400) for a specimen in 2005.

Jon Friedman, a wildlife officer from the Cape of Good Hope Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA), told local media that he was "only able to salvage a few tissue samples" for the museum.

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He said: "The most important pieces of the animal that could have offered us insight into aspects of the animal's age, its diet, and cause of death had already been removed by fishermen and trophy hunters."

From what she saw, Ali guessed that the giant squid had died after being "hit by a boat propeller".

Agreeing, Jon said: "As to her cause of death, I would say that she was most likely struck by a ship while she was at the sea surface.

"From the condition of its internal organs that were left behind, I would say that the animal seemed in good health, her stomach was full and she was only about two years old."

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