Independent review of Weta Digital uncovers dozens of complaints

An independent review of Wellington visual effects company Weta Digital uncovered dozens of complaints about bullying and over 100 complaints about inappropriate conduct, says TVNZ.

The review followed an investigation by the broadcaster, which uncovered dozens of complaints of misconduct at the company.

The independent review, led by Miriam Dean QC, found the infamous “porn Friday”, which saw explicit content shared on the internal network, “probably ceased in 2014 and definitely ceased by 2018 at the latest”.

It was considered a “problem of the past.”

TVNZ said Dean received 80 complaints from crew about incidents they regarded as bullying, as well as another 120 complaints of inappropriate conduct, either experienced or witnessed by interviewees, going back many years.

It took the form of aggression, passive-aggressive behaviour, withholding relevant workplace information so colleagues wouldn’t excel, overloading of work and hazing.

There were also 19 complaints of sexual harassment, dating back to 2001, while Dean found “the gender pay gap is real”, with people describing an “old boys’ club” with unconscious bias and sexist banter.

Weta Digital announced an independent review in September after a 1 NEWS investigation.

Dean found despite improvements, policies and processes were not adequate in safeguarding workers, and HR didn’t get enough management support and wasn’t trusted by workers.

“The company’s culture needs significant improvement, some departments and realms more so than others.”

The Herald is seeking comment from Weta Digital.

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