Indiana and Ohio are expanding their pools of vaccine-eligible residents.

By Eileen Sullivan

Ohio and Indiana are the latest states to announce significant expansions in Covid-19 vaccine eligibility for their residents. In Ohio, eligibility will be extended to anyone 40 years and older as of Friday, as well as for residents with certain medical conditions, including cancer, chronic kidney disease and heart disease. Indiana extended its group of eligible residents to people 45 and older, effective immediately.

President Biden has called on states to offer vaccines to all adults by May 1 and has said that the United States will have secured enough doses by the end of May for shots to be made available to them. And several states across the country have already begun expanding the criteria for vaccinations.

Who Is Eligible for Vaccines in Each State

Every state has started widely vaccinating older adults, and some have started offering shots to younger people, too. All states have started expanding eligibility to other groups. See more »

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