Inside abandoned drug dealers mansion once home to cannabis farm

An urban explorer has revealed fascinating images of a derelict mansion that is believed to have been the former home of a drug dealer.

The catalogue of over 25 images shows the home torn apart with doors of cupboards hanging off and parts of the ceiling falling down.

Some of the floorboards have been torn up as though the house has been completely ransacked in search of its former owner's product.

Although the home appears to be very modern in style, there is plenty of evidence to suggest the place has been left like this for years as overgrown bushes have begun to stretch through the door inside and damp growing everywhere.

In the bathroom, the toilet was completely smashed and blinds lay torn away from almost every window.

But despite all of the damage and almost no belongings left by the previous owner, beers were seen left in the fridge.

It is unclear how long the property has been left like this or who the drug lord was who came to own it but the explorer claims they'd use the house as a cannabis farm back in the day.

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Posting the fascinating find to Facebook, Simo explore said: "This place has been abandon many years.

"Not sure why it has this name lol but had cannabis growing in it at one point.

"It was a lovely place with a pool and a massive plot of land. There are Horse stables and a car garage round the back as you can see this was once a loved house now it just left to rot."

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Fans were saddened to see the state of the modern style home, with one user writing: "Wonder why it's in such a bad state? Can see by the style of the kitchen and bathroom that it's not that old?"

Another added: "Such a shame bet it was a lovely house."

A third said: "What a waste."

In other stories from Urban Explorers, a time capsule stuffed full of old photos has been discovered in an eerie abandoned house which has sat untouched for decades.

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An urban explorer, known as Urbex Muse, revealed the contents of the suitcase on her Instagram after wandering the eerie former home of a border which she has dubbed 'grandma's house.'

The black and white photos appear to be of weddings and servicemen from around World War 1, going to the early 1920s.

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