Inside chilling Hezbollah theme park where tourists can play with rifles

The Iran-backed militant group Hezbollah has displayed its hatred of Israel to the masses by building a multi-million-pound theme park in Lebanon.

The theme park was built in 2010 by the Shi’a militant group which is an elected party in the Lebanese parliament.

The park was built to indoctrinate children and Western tourists into its own brand of anti-Semitism.

Fears have been growing over recent weeks that the Hamas-Israel War could spill out into the wider region should Israel’s longtime enemy Hezbollah become involved.

The militant group has been involved in daily border clashes with the Israeli Defence Forces after the October 7 attack in which 1,400 Israelis were slaughtered. Hassan Nasrallah, the organisation’s leader, plans to break his silence and speak about the conflict this afternoon for the first time.

The theme park, which is located near the village of Mleeta in southern Lebanon, is known as the Tourist Landmark of Resistance. However, this park has no rides or any games for kids to play but instead has tanks, artillery shells, barbed wire, and assault rifles.

Take a look inside the theme park in the pictures below.

An Israeli tank in the war museum operated by Hezbollah called the Tourist Landmark of the Resistance or Museum for Resistance tourism. 

The theme park cost a whopping £3.2million to build. It was constructed over a former Israeli settlement near Mleeta in southern Lebanon. Hezbollah says it built the park to promote “resistance tourism”

A walk through the forest where Hezbollah guerrillas waged their war just four years before the tourist park opened features real weaponry and artefacts, from strewn soldiers’ helmets containing real human hair to burnt clothing with Hebrew inscriptions.

Hezbollah souvenirs shop in the tourist landmark of the resistance shows murderous snow globes on sale.

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The museum showcases Hezbollah’s weaponry and captured Israeli equipment used during the war.

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