Inside life of gangland hardman Mr Big Paul Massey executed by The Iceman

Infamous British gangster "Mr Big" – real name Paul Massey – was gunned down by a fellow member of his gang, dubbed "The Iceman", in 2015.

Mark Fellows had waited patiently for Massey, close to his victim's home in Salford, Greater Manchester, in what was a contract hit.

Then, as Massey pulled in and got out of his car, Fellows used an Uzi submachine to assassinate his target.

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Massey rose to prominence in the 1980s and 1990s and was involved in a number of armed robberies.

What cemented the gangster as a mainstay in Manchester's criminal underworld were his security firms, which controlled the doors on several of the city's biggest nightclubs during the acid house era.

He became a leader within the so-called 'Salford Firm' but was jailed in 1999 for stabbing a man in the groin.

By 2007 Massey was out on licence and reportedly got in with the 'A Team' gang that had replaced the Salford Firm while he had been inside.

Speaking to The Sun, another former crime boss (who remained anonymous) said that returning to crime was Massey's big mistake.

"Paul was a 90s gangster who should have put the past behind him. The scene had changed while Paul was locked up," they explained.

"The kids he was mixing with were volatile and it was always going to end in disaster."

Explaining the change, they said that drug money now dictated the dynamics of the criminal underworld in a way it hadn't during Massey's pomp.

In short, the days of men like Mr Big "is all gone".

They added: "Nobody cares about nightclub doors and who is the hardest and all of that."

Massey became embroiled in a bloody feud within his new, younger gang when he came out of prison.

According to The Sun, it is thought he positioned himself as a mediator between warring factions, perhaps putting himself in the cross hairs.

After Massey's brutal murder, a hit squad was sent to Spain to track down his killer. The revenge plot was thwarted by Spanish cops who raided a Marbella apartment and seized a huge weapons haul.

Contract killer Fellows would go on to slay Mr Big's best pal John Kinsella, who had set out to avenge his friend.

Fellows executed Kinsella in front of his partner on May 5, 2018, but was eventually tracked down and handed a whole life sentence.

Police were able to place him at the scene of the killings using GPS data on a device he used for running.

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