Inside Russian torture chambers where Putin’s men electrocute people’s penises

Ukrainian officials have released images of two "torture chambers" found in regions formerly occupied by Russian forces.

Vladimir Putin's men have been accused of horrifying war crimes since his invasion of Ukraine began on February 24, an accusation that Moscow continues to deny despite glaring evidence to the contrary.

On Tuesday (September 20), the Ukrainian Prosecutor General's Office revealed there had been inspections of two sites in Kozacha Lopan, a village in the Kharkiv region, "where the Russian army tortured civilians during the occupation".

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Officials said in a Telegram post: "The occupiers set up torture chambers in the basements of the railway station and a local store.

"The Russian military forcibly detained people, subjected them to torture, physical and psychological violence."

Law enforcement officials are now trying to track down victims and gather evidence. They hope to one day "bring justice to the Russian military".

A second Telegram post confirmed that the torture chambers were set up by Russian forces when the area was occupied by the invaders.

"In a semi-basement room, they subjected people to physical and psychological violence," the office reported.

"In a cell that can hold four people, the Russian military held more than 20. According to the victims, they slept in turns because there was no room."

Vitaly Oliia, 40, was one of the Kozacha Lopan residents tortured by Putin's men.

Speaking to The Kyiv Independent 10 days after the village was liberated on September 11, he claimed he was detained because of his prior service in the Ukrainian military.

After a severe beating he was taken to the makeshift torture chamber in the village's train station and blindfolded.

“As I was tied up, they pulled down my pants and underwear,” he said. "I felt them pegging something to my penis.”

A wire was then wrapped around his right thigh and he was electrocuted for around an hour.

“It was indescribable,” he said, “every inch of me was in agony.”

After around 30 minutes Vitaly said his skin started to give off smoke.

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“By the time they were finished, the skin on my leg where the wire ran was crisp to the touch, like roast pork.”

Vitaly was later forced to confess to killing Russian civilians in a video that is still on Russian social media. He then spent some time in a larger interrogation facility nicknamed "Zero", where he could hear people being tortured in the rooms around him.

He was eventually released after a month to free up space for new captives.


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