Inside sad demise of adult film star found living in tunnels under Vegas strip

It might not be an accolade sought by everyone, but Jenni Lee was once regarded among the world's top porn stars.

A model at 19, Jenni, whose real name is Stephanie Sadorra, featured in a handful of TV commercials but switched her attention to the adult movie industry by the time she was 21, soon carving out a successful career.

But by her lates 30s she was living in a tunnel with no heat, light or running water beneath Las Vegas' famous strip.

In 2019, the former star was interviewed by a Dutch news show for a documentary about the hundreds of homeless people living in the network of tunnels under Nevada's Sin City.

She was barely recognisable as she revealed to the camera crew that she used to work in porn.

“I actually got very famous. Maybe a little too famous,” she said.

"I used to be so hot. But I'm happy, I've got everything I need."

It’s not known how long she has lived in the tunnels or exactly how she got there in the first place. The one-time actress is originally from Clarksville, Tennessee and turned 40 in February.

However, despite the meagre conditions, including no access to running water, Sadorra is happy living among a tight-knit community of people she says are more accepting.

“It’s not as difficult as you might think, everybody’s really respectful,” said Sadorra. “Everybody’s good to each other, which I don’t think you find much [above ground].

"People are more accepting here."

Sadorra explained that “hardships build camaraderie”, believing that living underground in the tunnels has allowed her to make genuine friends.

"People are amazingly adaptive features and you get used to whatever it is that is put on your plate."

When asked how she ended up in the situation, she said: "Time, just like everything else."

Hundreds of people are thought to be living in the tunnels underneath Las Vegas, and many of them struggle with substance abuse and addiction.

A Justgiving page was set up in 2020 and raised £3,244 to help her Sadorra over.

According to her IMDB profile, she last appeared in an adult movie titled "Horny Housewives" in 2016.

Adult film site Pornhub still features hundreds of her X-rated videos and she is ranked 119th on its list of best actresses.

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