Inside UKs most normal Royal Family – with garden centre job and no titles

King Charles has given his brother Prince Edward a new Royal title for his 59th birthday.

The Royal is celebrating the joyous day as the new Duke of Edinburgh – the former title of his late father Prince Philip which was left vacant following his death in April, 2021 at the age of 99.

And it was announced today that Prince Edward will take up the title.

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A tweet from the Royal Family's official Twitter account said: “Wishing the new Duke of Edinburgh a very Happy Birthday today!

“The King has conferred the Dukedom of Edinburgh upon his brother, Prince Edward, on his 59th birthday.”

And an official spokesman added: “The Dukedom was last created for Prince Philip in 1947, upon his marriage to Princess Elizabeth, who held the title of Duchess of Edinburgh before acceding to the throne in 1952.

“The new Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh are proud to continue Prince Philip’s legacy of promoting opportunities for young people of all backgrounds to reach their full potential.”

The new Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh – as his wife Sophie gets a new title by default – are known as the “most normal” of all the Royals.

Sophie, 57, and Prince Edward, 58, have been married since 1999, and share two children, Lady Louise Windsor, 18, and James, Viscount Severn, 14.

Living near Windsor Castle, in a picture of domestic family bliss, Edward is the only one of the late Queen’s children not to have got divorced.

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It was only recently that the children made a rare public appearance as they stood guard around their great-grandmother's coffin for a vigil in Westminster Hall.

The Wessex children, James and Louise, do not use the HRH titles they received upon birth, in line with their parents wishes for them to grow up out of the public eye.

In a rare interview with The Sunday Times, Sophie explained: "We try to bring them up with the understanding they are very likely to have to work for a living.

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"Hence we made the decision not to use HRH titles."

The countess said she and Prince Edward tried to give their children, a "normal" life, adding: "They go to a regular school and they go to friends' for sleepovers and parties.

"At weekends, we do lots of dog-walking and stay with friends.

“I guess not everyone's grandparents live in a castle, but where you are going is not the important part, or who they are."

Recently, Lady Louise had been spotted working at a garden centre for £6.83 an hour, working on the tills, greeting and assisting customers and pruning and potting plants.

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One customer said: "I couldn’t believe it was Lady Louise — I had to look twice.

“You’d never imagine the Queen’s granddaughter would take on a role working behind a till."

At the time Ingrid Stewart, editor-in-chief of Majesty Magazine, said: "Isn’t it wonderful the Queen’s granddaughter rolled her sleeves up and got her hands dirty with a summer job before going to university — just like any other normal teenager.”

The couple's desire for their children to have a 'normal' life is possibly spurred on by Sophie's non-royal background – as the daughter of a tyre salesman and a secretary, she was working in PR at Capital Radio when the couple met in 1987.

Sophie carried on working before finally becoming a full-time royal in 2002

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