Is Putin losing his grip? Russians defy crackdown orders as mass protests erupt – VIDEO

Russia: Police grapple with anti-war protesters in Moscow

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Thousands of protesters again took to the streets in Russia as public anger builds within the country against President Vladimir Putin’s decision to wage war on Ukraine. Violent clashes between peaceful protesters and Russian police were filmed in Moscow and St Petersburg. Hundreds of local residents were even seen marching in protest against the invasion as far away as Novosibirsk in Siberia.

Videos from the protest in St Petersburg show the demonstration quickly descending into chaos as riot police moved in to crackdown.

The police in full riot gear were seen grabbing one protester after another and dragging some away into police vans, even though no violent incidents had occurred.

Footage showed demonstrators chanting “No to war!” and slogans against President Putin.

This follows similarly chaotic and violent scenes in Moscow and St Petersburg on Saturday evening.

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Olga Mikheeva, who protested in the Siberian city of Irkutsk, said: “It is a crime both against Ukraine and Russia. 

“I think it is killing both Ukraine and Russia. I am outraged, I haven’t slept for three nights.

“I think we must now declare very loudly that we don’t want to be killed and don’t want Ukraine to be killed.”

“I have two sons and I don’t want to give them to that bloody monster,” said 48-year-old Dmitry Maltsev, who joined the rally in St. Petersburg. “War is a tragedy for all of us.”

In total, Russian police detained 1,474 people at pro-Ukraine demonstrations in 45 cities on Sunday, according to a count by the OVD-Info rights group which is tracking arrests.

This takes the total number of arrests since Thursday past 4,000. 

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Protests also took place in Minsk, the capital of Belarus, amid fears that Belarusian forces could join Russia in the invasion of Ukraine.

Opposition figure, Franak Viačorka, tweeted: “At least 70 000 people hit the streets in Minsk to protest against the war in Ukraine and Lukashenka personally.

“He drags Belarus into the conflict. Ukraine cannot be safe, having Lukashenka at the border. Belarusians are at the streets against him and his aggression to Ukraine.”

Protesters in Minsk were seen encircling the building of the Defence Ministry of Belarus and chanting “Glory to Ukraine!”

Belarus journalist Hanna Liubakova tweeted: “People are rallying in Minsk. It requires an incredible amount of courage to protest on the streets given the brutality of this regime.

“The world must see that our people are against the war. The videos are blurred so the regime is not able to identify and arrest people.”


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In a video message on Sunday, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy himself rebuked Belarusians for allowing their country to be used as a staging ground for the Russian invasion.

He said that Ukrainian cities were facing an attack on a scale not seen since World War II when Belarus and Ukraine faced a Nazi invasion.

President Zelenskyy said: “But you aren’t on the same side with us in the war that is going on now. The Russian military is launching missiles at Ukraine from your territory.

“From your territory, they are killing our children, they are destroying our homes and trying to blow up everything that has been built for decades.

“We are your neighbours. Be Belarus, not Russia!”

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