ISIS Beatle accused of trying to get wifes pal to smuggle £21k in knickers

An alleged member of the 'ISIS Beatles' appeared in court in London today charged with using his wife's friend to smuggle money for the evil group into Turkey.

The ISIS Beatles, so called by their western hostages because of their English accents, became infamous for kidnapping and beheading aid workers and journalists, videos of which went viral around the world.

One of the alleged members, Aine Davis, 38, is accused of recruiting one of his wife’s friends to smuggle 25,000 euros (£21,000) from the UK – where it was raised – into Turkey in January 2014, in her undies.

Bearded Davis, who adopted the name Hamzah after conversion to Islam, is also accused of possessing a rifle between July 2013 and January 2014, which the prosecution say he intended to use in a terrorist act.

He was arrested and taken into custody last night (Wednesday, August 10) upon his arrival at Luton Airport after being deported from Turkey.

Kashif Malik, prosecuting, told the court that between 2007 and 2012 he and his then wife undertook a tour of countries like Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

In July 2013, he arrived in Turkey and travelled to Syria where he retained regular contact with his wife and sent images, proving that he was with fighters in Syria "and not there for lawful purposes," according to the prosecutor.

Mr Malik added that in January 2014 Davis’s wife Amal El-Wahabi recruited an old school friend, Nawal Msaad, to bring the cash to Turkey.

She was to be paid £1,000 for the job, but authorities in Istanbul stopped her on arrival and found wads of cash hidden in her underwear.

Mr Mailk said it was believed this was going to be collected by Mr Davis or his associates.

The prosecutor also said that officers had seized media devices which showed text messages between Davis and the two women.

One of the messages, from El-Wahabi to Msaad, reportedly said: “Are you busy this week? I have a job for you.”

To which the reply was: “I am up to my neck in uni work, what is it for?”

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El-Wahabi explained: “You will be paid a grand and all expenses will be paid covered.”

Mr Malik said she then texted Davis to say: “I think I have someone.”

Other material found by officers included two images in which Davis was stood with a man holding a Kalashnikov, and another in which he held a rifle himself, as part of a group/

Davis, of no fixed address, faces three charges: inviting another to provide money or property for use in terrorism, arranging the availability of property for purposes of terrorism and possessing articles for purposes of terrorism.

He gave no indication of guilt and Chief Magistrate Paul Goldspring remanded him in custody until his next scheduled court appearance at the Old Bailey on September 2.

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