Jack the Rippers identity finally uncovered as limping epileptic alcoholic

The identity of one of the world's most notorious and anonymous serial killers has finally been revealed.

According to a new book about Jack the Ripper, the murderous beast who ran rampage in London 135 years ago was a cigar maker with epilepsy.

And his name was Hyam Hyams.

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It has also been claimed that he was a frequent visitor to Colney Hatch Lunatic Asylum and was an alcoholic.

The revelation has been made by Sarah Bax Horton, who's great-great-grandfather Sergeant Harry Garrett was a policeman working on the original case.

She claims that it was through evidence found in medical records that she was able to solve the case, and has now told all in her new book One-Armed Jack: Uncovering the Real Jack the Ripper.

Speaking to the Telegraph, she said: “For the first time in history, Jack the Ripper can be identified as Hyam Hyams using distinctive physical characteristics.

“He was particularly violent after his severe epileptic fits, which explains the periodicity of the murders.

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“In the files, it said what the eyewitnesses said – that he had a peculiar gait. He was weak at the knees and wasn’t fully extending his legs.

"When he walked, he had a kind of shuffling gait, which was probably a side-effect of some brain damage as a result of his epilepsy.

“They (eye-witnesses) saw a man of medium height and build, between five foot five inches. and five foot eight inches, tall, stout and broad-shouldered, and Hyams was five foot seven and a half inches, and weighed 10 stone seven pounds – his photograph demonstrates that he was noticeably broad-shouldered.”

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Jack – or possibly Hyams – killed five women between August and November 1888, all of which were prostitutes in London's East End.

His identity has never officially been confirmed, and has remained a source of mystery to investigators ever since.

Several people have made educated guesses at the identity over the years, but nobody has ever categorically confirmed who it really was, however.

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