Jaw-dropping drone video captures oblivious surfers swimming next to five sharks

Heart-stopping aerial footage showed a group of surfers being stalked by five sharks while they were waiting to catch the next wave.

At least 12 water sports fanatics were out with their boads just off Bondi beach in Sydney, Australia on Friday morning (July 9) – and they weren't alone.

Footage taken by ABC news helicopter shows the terrifying scenes from above as five apex predators circle a school of fish metres away from the surfers.

One person sitting on a red bodyboard calmly paddles directly towards three sharks, before stopping to sit for a moment while the creatures loiter close by.

Two other surfers are seen changing their course of direction in a bid to avoid them.

Surf Life Saving South Wales was aware of the incident after being alerted by the ABC News crew.

Two lifeguards were deployed at around 9.30am on a jet ski equipped with a rescue sled to warn those in the water.

In a statement they put online, they said: "We were alerted about 9.30am by the ABC after the helicopter spotted a large bait ball with what looked to be several sharks close to surfers at Bondi,

"Our State Operations Centre was alerted and they contacted the lifeguards at Bondi who we believed cleared the water and are investigating."

A surfer later told the media outlet: "I actually didn't know when I arrived [at the beach] but it's probably going to be OK, it should be fine.

"There are sharks all the time and there are surfers every day — I think the risk is pretty low."

Another surfer said she is willing to take the risk, explaining: "It's their [the sharks'] place, it's where they live, so it's me taking the risk.

"The lifeguard is there with jet skis so I think it's under control."

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