Joe Biden hammer blow as Donald Trump ‘twice as likely to win as he was in 2016’

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The Democrat is bidding to convince voters to throw their support behind his campaign, as he looks to end Mr Trump’s four-year term as US President. Mr Trump claimed a stunning victory in the polls four years ago, beating rival Hillary Clinton to replace Barack Obama in the White House. Most major polls currently have Mr Biden as the overwhelming favourite to take control of Washington, with some suggesting he has a whopping 10-point lead.

But bombshell new analysis from Betfair reveals that Mr Trump’s chances of claiming victory in the November 3 vote are even better than when he controversially won in 2016.

Then, Mr Trump was a major outsider but still managed to cling on and win the race, despite almost every poll in the run-up predicting a victory for Mrs Clinton.

Darren Hughes, a spokesman for Betfair, said: “Mr Trump may be the underdog in yet another election, but Betfair Exchange punters know that polls aren’t always a true reflection of his chances, with many backing the incumbent President to keep the White House for four more years.

“Mr Trump’s odds have improved this week, from 2/1 to 15/8, in what is an unprecedented odds move for an underdog candidate in the week before an election.

“President Trump has been extremely popular with punters throughout the entire election, with a staggering £105m being wagered on his chances.

“At this stage in 2016, Trump had just a 5/1 (16 percent) chance of election according to the odds, and many punters are once again backing him to prove the polls and the experts wrong.”

In order for Mr Trump to claim another four years as President, he must win over a number of key states – including Florida, Pennsylvania and North Carolina.

Mr Hughes said that in betting terms, Mr Trump’s odds are continuing to grow, especially in the aforementioned swing states, which traditionally help shape who will be the election winner.

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He added: “While Biden remains the front-runner, it would take a short memory to forget Trump’s 2016 performance in the face of all conventional wisdom.

“His supporters will expect and hope for a repeat performance here, with his ever-improving odds hinting that another surprise could be on the cards.”

It comes as Mr Biden’s campaign was boosted by the return of ex-President Mr Obama, who threw his support behind his former running mate.

Mr Obama and Mr Biden both ran together, claiming victories as US President and Vice President, in 2008 and 2012.

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However, the former leader sparked a stir while campaigning for Mr Biden, by launching a number of attacks at Mr Trump, and his terms as President.

Mr Obama joked that Mr Trump was “jealous of coronavirus’ media coverage”, before accusing the former reality TV star of “incompetence and disinterest”.

Yet the move shocked many as routinely ex-Presidents have been known to avoid direct criticism of their successors.

BBC Radio 4’s ‘Americast’ also noted how unusual it was for a former President to step on stage in such a manner.

Journalist Emily Maitlis explained: “We saw something we could not have predicted even a week ago — Obama himself became Mr Biden’s wingman. He was the funny man on stage, making the jokes, cracking the jives.”

She added: “It’s kind of weird to think that the President himself — Obama — is sort of playing the best man to Biden.”

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