Joe Biden ‘will oppose’ US-UK trade deal unless Boris caves on Brexit row – PM warned

Joe Biden urged to 'talk less and listen more' by US pollster

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The US President spoke face-to-face with Boris Johnson for the first time as he arrived on Thursday for the G7 summit in Cornwall. The meeting of world leaders coincides with Mr Biden’s eight-day tour of Europe as he looks to rebuild ties across the continent.

The arrival of the US President comes amid growing political tensions between the UK and EU over the implementation of the Northern Ireland Protocol – created to prevent a hard border.

Brussels has threatened an all-out trade war if the UK does not enforce checks on goods at risk of entering the European market.

Professor Robert Singh, an expert on US foreign policy, has warned the prospect of a UK trade deal with the US will be “broken” if the UK “doesn’t bend” on issues with the EU.

The Professor of Politics at Birkbeck University in London stressed the US President is “deeply proud of his Irish heritage” and a defender of the peace process in Ireland.

He told “If the tensions continue to worsen, there’s no question that Biden will oppose a deal.

“He is not, as some suggest, ‘anti’-British at all. In fact, his record is rather pro-UK, certainly compared to others in his party.

“But he is deeply proud of his Irish heritage and cares greatly about the Good Friday Agreement.

“If the UK doesn’t bend, then a trade deal will probably be broken.”

The leading academic added the current dynamic in Congress could also provide a huge obstacle even if there was an agreement forthcoming between London and Washington.

He added: “That said, it isn’t really Biden’s to give. Even if things improve, and Biden supports a deal, it has to get through a deeply, and closely, divided Congress.

“The chances of that remain slim right now – again, unless the Johnson government caves to US demands, its prospects are not good.”

The US President has been outspoken on the importance of upholding the Good Friday Agreement and his national security adviser, Jake Sullivan, made a rare intervention earlier this week.

Mr Sullivan said the US President has “very deep” concerns about the impact of Brexit on the Good Friday Agreement.

He said Mr Biden believes the Northern Ireland Protocol is “critical” to ensuring the peace process is protected.

Speaking on Thursday, Mr Johnson played down the row over the Brexit Protocol and insisted the UK, EU and US were on the same page in relation to the issue.


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He said: “America, the United States, Washington, the UK, plus the European Union have one thing we absolutely all want to do.

“And that is to uphold the Belfast Good Friday Agreement, and make sure we keep the balance of the peace process going.

“That is absolutely common ground.”
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