Karens Diner calls dad paedo and asks daughter, 14, if she has OnlyFans

A restaurant that prides itself on being rude to its customers has been forced to apologise after one waiter called a dad and a paedo and accused him of sleeping with his 14-year-old daughter.

Stacey Howard was dining at Karen's Diner in Westfield Chermside, Brisbane, on Sunday (July 24) and says he was ‘disgusted’ by his treatment.

Karen’s Diner operates under a niche that encourages all staff to be as rude as possible to customers.

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However, Mr Howard claimed the waiter went too far in the joke and accused his daughter of having an OnlyFans account.

Speaking to the Courier Mail, he explained: “My daughter was doing a Facebook Live and this young guy came up and said, ‘Are you on OnlyFans you tart? – Here's some content for you’ and he pretended to w*** himself off and jizz on the table.

“My daughter sat on my lap because she was concerned and he said, "What are you a pedo? Are you all having sex with each other?"'

Following the outburst, Mr Howard says he and his family left the restaurant.

In response, a Karen's Diner spokeswoman condemned the actions of the waiter and admitted things had been taken too far.

She said: “This incident was raised to us directly and we are currently conducting a thorough investigation.

“As a venue, we are all about offering a fun experience for all patrons.

“We have strict guidelines in place for both staff and customers, so we were really disappointed to learn of this incident that occured on Sunday.

“The actions of this particular staff member are inexcusable and are against everything we believe in as a brand.

“We are putting tighter training protocols in place immediately to ensure something like this never happens again.”


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