Kate Middleton lookalike grieves losing Queen as monarchs impersonator retires

A Kate Middleton impersonator said her world has fallen apart following the Queen's death.

But she counts herself lucky as one of her friends, who impersonated Her Majesty herself, is now out of a job.

Heidi Agan, 42, started impersonating the Princess of Wales in 2012, after being told she looked like Kate while working as a waitress.

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Since then she's formed a bond with a group of royal doppelgangers including Prince William and, of course, Her Majesty, even creating their own family of lookalike acts – and performing at shows and birthday parties across the nation.

And Agan's pal Mary Reynolds, 89, who made a living impersonating the Queen, has been forced to retire out of respect for the late monarch.

Agan said: "When they announced the Queen had died, I had this enormous wave of emotion.

"She has been such a constant in all our lives. I don't cry often but I felt so moved. She was incredible.

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"But within our own lookalike family, we are also losing our own Queen, Mary, who I have worked with for the last 10 years.

"While we will still be able to see her, it will be really strange to not have our lookalike Queen with us anymore."

Agan even said she had felt something bad was on the horizon before Queen Elizabeth II's death was announced last Thursday (September 8).

"As soon as I saw the news break that the Queen was not well, I knew," she added.

"I had the news on all day, and I haven't turned it off since.

"It's strange because it feels like you've lost a member of your own family – she's been in our lives for our whole lives."

Reynolds had been a Queen impersonator for 34 years before she had to retire.

She said: "The only way I would dress up as the Queen would be in a black dress.

"It's been a great privilege to look like her because I think she's so incredible. I mean, it's a change of an era now, it's all going to be very weird."


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