Kerala landslide LIVE: 35 dead as floods destroy homes in India – 10 dams on red alert

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A red alert has been issued to ten dams in the state of Kerala and a yellow alert has been issued to 11 districts.

Thousands of people have been evacuated and at least 100 relief camps have been set up in the affected areas.

The army, navy and air force are providing assistance to those who need rescuing from the floods.

Videos shared across social media sites show cars and buses that have been submerged by the floodwater.

Many houses have also been destroyed.

In 2018, nearly 500 people were killed in Kerala, as the state was hit with the worst floods in a century.

Heavy rain is expected to continue over the coming days.


More footage of floods devastating Kerala

Here is some more footage of the state of Kerala being devastated by floods. 

The floods have so far killed at least 35 people and heavy rain is expected to continue throughout the coming days. 

Video shows house destroyed by floods

This video shows terrifying footage of a house being completely destroyed by floods in Kerala. 

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