Kettfest leaves Facebook users in hysterics as event not what they expected

The eagerly-awaited KettFest is just around the corner – but many people might not be getting what they bargained for.

The 2023 edition of the cultural event in Kettering, Northamptonshire, will see music and entertainment spread out over five stages on July 15.

The town is set to be celebrated through a number of art forms as its centre is taken over by the community event – but for the uninitiated, this isn’t quite what many appeared to have in mind.

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As is often the case with the internet, people flocked to the comments section of a post about KettFest to offer different renditions of largely the same joke.

“This one's going to be special,” one said.

“Kett fest sounds great…. do they supply the powder,” added another.

A third added: “A festival for Ket(t)? Groovy, man.”

Another chipped in: “Ketamine fest? Must be in Yorkshire?

“Horses will be disappointed especially,” a fifth mused.

Another person even shared their workings: “First thing that came to my mind was its some sort of ketamine festival and it would just be a load of people walking around like the stay soft marshmallow man, playing accordions and lutes.”

Some made jokes that were a little more nuanced.

“Say neigh to Kettfest,” one joked.

“Blatant false advertisement. 2/10 won't visit again,” added a second. “Painted a mug though, that's the 2.”

Others took to the comments section to just be rather rude about Kettering.

“Always nice to see my home town in the news if just to remind me why I moved to Tokyo,” one said.

“I often pass Kettering on the A14. I doubt this will encourage me to stop,” added another.

Meanwhile, a third added: “Sounds like a stunning event but, unfortunately, I'm having my eyes gouged out that weekend…”

KettFest will take place in Kettering on July 15 and is a family friendly event.

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