Kill him with my own hands Tearful 19-year-old Ukrainian pledges revenge on Putin

Ukrainian woman says she'd 'kill Putin with her own hands'

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Vladimir Putin has been incessantly targeting the homes of millions of Ukrainians for over five days, with vicious strikes aimed at Kyiv in his attempts to secure the capital. Ukraine’s borders to Poland, Romania, and Moldova have been flooded by refugees, mostly women, children, and the elderly. A 19-year-old pledged her revenge on Putin after she was forced to abandon her family and embark on an 18-hour journey to escape Russia’s bombing.

Speaking to BBC, the young woman said: “I left my family in Ukraine because they were like, ‘at least we have to save someone.’

“I’m 19. Mum, dad, sister, and younger brother [stayed behind].”

Asked about her thoughts on Putin, she said: “If I see him right now, I will kill him with my own hands.

“My own hands. You cannot be that bad in 2022.”

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Most of the people seeking to cross the border have been women as men aged 18 to 60 have been ordered to stay behind and fight.

A woman just reaching Poland said her husband stayed in Kyiv to defend the capital from Russia’s aggression.

She said: “He’s stayed in Ukraine. He’s in the military and defends our city Kyiv.

“He’s fighting every day. I understand that he has to, he must do this for our children, and many others.

“They’re doing it with pleasure, with dignity and they are doing all this for us.”

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