Killer bear dragged screaming man 75ft to his death in front of neighbours

A man enjoying his morning coffee outdoors was slaughtered by a huge black bear in front of his horrified neighbours.

Steven Jackson, 66, was mauled to death after the animal set his sights on him as he sat on a table by his home in Tuscan, Arizona, USA.

Mr Jackson was building a property on the rounds when the monster targeted him shortly before 8am in Groom Creek.

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The adult male bear suddenly dragged him around 75 feet down an embankment when his neighbours desperately tried to save him.

Locals started to beep their car horns to deter the beast as Mr Jackson screamed for help.

The bear held him relentlessly until one man grabbed his rifle and killed it.

Sherriff David Rhodes, of the Yavapai County Sheriff's Office, paid tribute to the 66-year-old and said: “Our sincere sympathies go out to Mr. Jackson’s family.

“I cannot express how deeply sad this situation is and can only say our prayers are with you.”

State agency Arizona Game and Fish described the incident as highly uncommon and unusual. The attack appeared to be predatory by nature.

There has only been one other fatal attack known since the mid-1980s, according to reports.

Authorities said there was nothing at first glance which looked like an attack trigger such as food, a cooking site or water access.

They have reassured locals that there is no threat to the public as the bear was killed during the incident.

They will continue to investigate the circumstances around the tragedy, while Arizona Game and Fish will look into the potential cause of the attack.

Investigations have just launched but more information will be released as and when it comes in.

Authorities have urged people not to shoot bears unless they see an imminent threat towards them or another member of the public.

Campers have also been instructed to take precautionary measures such as locking up food and items.

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