Killer great white shark feared to be roaming UK coast after new bite marks

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A killer great white shark is feared to be patrolling Britain’s coast after a porpoise was found with huge bite marks.

Shark expert Mally Rice, who discovered the creature washed up on a beach, believes its wounds were caused by a deadly 'Jaws'.

The 46-year-old said: “If you look at the crescent shape on the top, no propeller could cut in that shape.

“Maybe it’s a great white. Our waters are a lot colder but you never know."

“It could have been a porbeagle shark or a blue shark – can’t see anything else in our waters doing that. Even then it’s extremely rare that an animal the size of a fully-grown porpoise will be attacked in this manner by a shark swimming in British waters.”

Mally added: “I was astonished to see what had happened to it. I’ve never seen it in British waters.”

The dad of two – who has studied sharks all his life – made the find as he walked his dog along Talacre beach near Prestatyn, Flints.

Mr Rice would be only the latest person to report the presence of deadly sharks in British waters.

In April, a fisherman caught a massive shark weighing 35 stone just off the coast of Cornwall.

Kevin Finch, 30, travelled down to Cornwall from his home in Kent to head out fishing when he got himself a big catch just an hour into the trip.

Little did he know that it was a porbeagle shark, a relative of the great white shark. He reeled the predator in when it took his mackerel bait at about 300 metres away from his boat.

The same month, there were also warnings that a giant 17ft female great white called Nukumi could be heading for the UK, after she took a highly unusual detour into the Atlantic ocean.

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