Kremlin to issue major clue Putin has already died following health decline

The Kremlin has been tipped to issue a major clue that under-fire president Vladimir Putin may already be dead, one expert has claimed.

Professor Anthony Glees, a security and intelligence expert at the University of Buckingham, claims that clues about the Kremlin’s state will likely start soon. He also believes that it could bring an end to Russia ’s war against Ukraine.

In an interview with the Mirror, the 75-year-old academic named the two most likely candidates to take over from Putin if he died. It comes after months of speculations over the Russian president's health.

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Rumours have ranged from claims that Putin is suffering from cancer to Parkinson's or dementia. Telegram channel General SVR claimed Putin suffered a cardiac arrest at his Moscow home last weekend.

The channel claims the information came from a source inside the 71-year-old’s entourage, however, these claims have been denied by the Kremlin. They were soon followed by reports speculating Putin had died.

Professor Glees said: "I think we will know very soon. If he has died then the Kremlin will be trying to manage the transition in a seamless and smooth way, so what we can expect over the days ahead are more leaks, more denials, but a gradual sight of rearranging the furniture, slowly beginning to look different. We’ll start to hear of other things going on."

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He said that being in power for around a quarter of a century is a "fairly amazing feat" and is "likely to cause even the healthiest human being significant stress". Professor Glees continued: "You’ve then got the things that he’s doing, waging this war in Ukraine, which he’s not winning, he’s clearly not winning – it’s clear to everyone.

“He has to win it in order not to lose it if you see what I mean. The Ukrainians will win it by not losing it but he has got to win it actively and he’s not winning it.

“The latest estimations say about 180,000 Russians have died or been wounded, and it's probably more than that. You add this to the stories that he is ill in some way and the pictures that we have of him, which allow one to be very suspicious of what is actually going on."

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The academic, who is considered an expert on 'terrorism' and radicalisation, analysed recent pictures of Putin and believes he is “entirely pokerfaced”. Adding the Russian leader can barely move his face which he says is a “symptom of Parkinson’s disease”.

Professor Glees also agreed that body doubles are being used, including, in particular, footage of the president supposedly driving a Mercedes over the Kerch Bridge into Crimea, bringing him to the belief that Putin may already be dead.

He said: "Could he have been dead for some time? I think it is not unlikely. I declare an interest, there is nothing that I would like more than for him to be dead because he is a monster but I do realise that that should not colour one’s judgement and so I do try not to let it. I think he may already be dead."

Professor Glees told the Daily Star earlier this week that there are two likely candidates to take over from Putin if he has died. They are Ramzan Akhmadovich Kadyrov, Head of the Chechen Republic, and Dmitry Patrushev, Russia's Minister of Agriculture.

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