Lag caught with illegal mobile phone as guards spot it sticking out of his bum

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Guards undertaking a routine search of an inmate in HMP Castle Huntly – an open prison near Dundee in Scotland – were stunned to discover a mobile phone up the lag’s backside.

Grant Macbeth was serving a four-year jail term when he was caught with the phone wedged in his bottom, which was visible to the guards as they conducted the search.

Fiscal depute Stewart Hamilton told Perth Sheriff Court : "The accused was subjected to a search within his cell.

"The prison officers saw a small black object protruding from the accused's anus. He was ordered to hand the item over, which he did. It was observed to be a small mobile phone."

The incident happened on 10 December 2019, reports the Daily Record, before phones had been issued to inmates across Scotland as a result of the Covid pandemic.

The court heard that officers at the open jail, near Dundee, became concerned about Macbeth’s behaviour and decided to carry out a search.

The prisoner, 35, from Livingston, admitted a charge of possessing a phone behind bars and was ordered to carry out a Drug Treatment and Testing Order (DTTO).

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Solicitor Paul Ralph, defending, said Macbeth was trying to turn his life around and was in the early stages of trying to start a business.

Sheriff William Wood imposed the 12-month DTTO and said: "If it helps you get over your addiction then the court's all for that."

Macbeth replied: "It's appreciated."

Prisoners will often take extreme risks to smuggle phones into their cells.

Late last year, an Egyptian jailbird was admitted to hospital after complaining of intense abdominal pains and being unable to digest food properly for several months.

After a full examination and an x-rays, doctors found that the patient was suffering from a severe infection in the abdomen and intestines caused by a mobile phone taht had become lodged in his gut.

It’s not unknown for prison inmates to hide mobile devices inside their bodies but they generally plump for something like the Zanco Tiny T1, billed as “the world’s smallest mobile phone”.

Photos of the device extracted from the un-named lag’s stomach suggest the dangerous obstruction was more along the lines of a Nokia 3310.

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