Landlord filmed sneaking into womans room and sniffing her pillow as shes away

A woman was left shaken when she caught her landlord sneaking into her room and smelling her pillow while she was out of town.

Tyisha Macleod, from Canada, was away for a few days but had set up some surveillance cameras inside different areas of the apartment.

She made the unfortunate discovery when her friend stopped by her place to feed her cat.

Sharing the footage on TikTok, Tyisha explains: "This is my landlord, I was away for a couple of days.

"What the heck is he doing? My friend walked in on him."

The clip shows a middle-aged man in a bright orange top and dark-coloured shorts walking into Tyisha's bedroom.

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He picks up her pillow before seemingly giving it a long sniff.

The man then puts it down on the bed and pretends to fix her duvet while checking around the area.

When her friend opens the door, the landlord hurries out of the room and awkwardly meets her.

In a second clip, with the camera set up in the living, Tyisha's friend looks stunned when she sees the landlord in the apartment.

"Oh! Hello, how are you?" she asks and the landlord replies: "Hi, I came here to feed the cat."

Tyisha explains: "As you know, my friend who is supposed to watch my cat, walked in on him. He told her that he was looking for my cat and feeding them while I was away.

"I did not give him permission to go in my apartment, let alone to go into my room and smell my bed and my pillows, to see how good I smell?"

The landlord was later confronted with the video but he insisted that he was looking for her cat.

Tyisha said she will be moving and getting out of her lease after contacting the police.

Many viewers were shocked and urged Tyisha to "get out" immediately.

One said: "Oh my God! This is crazy! Change the locks on those doors! Then get out of that lease."

Another wrote: "Break and entering…going through personal things, I would charge him with trespass and stalking."

"That is scary!" a third added. "That's not okay, he's not allowed to enter your apartment without your permission ahead of time."

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