Laughing Egyptian lifeguards said there are no sharks before tourist eaten

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Lifeguards at an Egyptian resort where two women were mauled to death by a shark reportedly "laughed" when tourists raised the alarm.

It is claimed that English-speaking visitors to the Sahl Hasheesh resosrt in Egypt's Red Sea alerted guards to the killer beasts 15 minutes before Austrian woman Elizabeth Sauer was fatally attacked on Friday.

Chilling video footage shows the 68-year-old desperately swimming back to shore after “losing an arm and leg” in the attack at the resort popular with British tourists.

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In the video, the water around the woman turns red from blood as bystanders look on.

The "disfigured" body of the resort's other shark attack victim, a Romanian woman in her forties was found on coral on Sunday.

There are claims the Romanian had been missing from her luxury five-star Premiere Le Reve Hurghada for two days, suggesting she was eaten alive before the Austrian's tragic death.

It also suggests that authorities in the Red Sea were slow to grasp the peril posed by sharks and delayed in taking action to prevent further tragedy.

The laughing guards reportedly told tourists who reported seeing a shark minutes prior to the Austrian woman was attacked: “There are no sharks in Sahl Hasheesh and never have been.”

On Sunday, the Governor of the Red Sea Governorate, Major General Amr Hanafi issued an order to suspend all activity in the area surrounding the attacks. An investigation has also been ordered.

Both attacks happened within 600 metres of each other, south of the city of Hurghada.

Russian tourists reported seeing the macabre scene where authorities packed the remains of the Romanian woman found on coral into body bags.

One eyewitness claimed “half of her body was missing”.

A Russian resident of Hurghada – named Zhanna – said the Romanian woman had been missing from adult-only Premiere Le Reve hotel for two days.

“She was found on coral…her body disfigured, a citizen of Romania,” she said. "She had been missing from her room for two days. After the first victim, no one closed any beaches – I swam freely.

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“They, as always, wanted to hide it, but when it became known there were two victims, they finally stirred.”

And she told Russian news outlet “A working group of specialists was formed to find out the reasons for the behaviour of the sharks.

“The Russian consulate warned Russian tourists.There is no particular panic, the residents both swam and paddled.

“Let's see how the governor of the Red Sea reacts.

“They don’t want to lose tourists, but they don’t do anything to prevent this either.”

An online chat site for Russian tourists provides compelling evidence that lifeguards ignored the acute danger of sharks, and failed to order tourists out of the water.

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