Lawyer ‘shoots his elderly parents dead in property dispute with brother’

A lawyer allegedly shot his parents dead over a property dispute while they were at morning prayer, police have said.

Durvesh Gangwar allegedly beat them up and accused them of taking his brother's side and fired a gun at them.

The retired teacher and his wife were shot and killed on the spot, according to Hindustan Times.

Lalta Prasad Gangwar, 76, and his wife Mohini Devi, 70, were at prayer at around 5am when their son came to their home and began hurling abuse at them.

The son was reportedly angry with his parents over the division of property, a police officer has said.

The incident happened at their home in Bahroli village, India.

Senior Superintendent of Police of Bareilly Rohit Singh Sajwan, added: "He used to say that his parents had a given a bigger share of the property to his brother Umesh and helped him in every possible way."

The police believe a property dispute is behind the crime.

The news comes a week after a man allegedly cut off his wife's head and walked into an Indian police station with it.

Kinnar Yadav, 40, had long suspected his wife Vimla, 35, of being unfaithful to him, according to reports

Officers say he saw his wife speaking with another man and in a rage took an axe and attacked him, before the neighbour fled the scene.

The dad is accused of committing the horrific act before walking 3km to the police station to turn himself in.

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