Lighthouse in Michigan turned into giant ice sculpture by winter storm

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The St Joseph Lighthouse in Michigan was entirely frozen over as heavy snow and temperatures up to 40 degrees below normal struck much of the country.

More than 60 people have died in the terrifying blizzards which reached a peak over the Christmas weekend – and mark the worst winter storm in the country in two generations.

In Buffalo some drivers tragically froze to death in their cars as they got stranded in snowdrifts. Millions more Americans were affected by power cuts and travel chaos.

But amid the terrible human catastrophe, the snow and ice also created a stunning art gallery of natural beauty.

Niagara Falls was almost completely frozen over in the sub-zero conditions and piers, beach furniture and buildings alongside Lake Michigan were all transformed by thick ice.

In Lake Erie, a restaurant was completely covered in icicles, while elsewhere whole rows of houses were buried in snow.

And in New York, a fountain in the city’s Bryant Park was frozen solid by the severe Arctic chill.

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