‘Lost on the first day’ Top Russian journalist explains fatal error Putin made on Ukraine

Putin ‘lost from the very start’ says Mikhail Fishman

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Mikhail Fishman explained how Putin lost the Ukraine war “from the very start” as he discussed the false presumptions he entered the country with. Mr Fishman, who hosted a political and satire show in Russia, said he mentioned it on air when the invasion began and said Putin believes Ukraine is not a country. However, the invasion of Ukraine has now proved the opposite as Ukraine is united against Russia with the West also fighting back.

Speaking to Express.co.uk, Mr Fishman gave his take on the conflict and why Putin had made a huge error invading.

He explained: “I was, and actually said it on air, on my show, that this very day when Putin started this war he lost it.

“He lost it from the very start because this war that he started was based on very bad assumptions that he made, political assumptions.

“He believed that and probably still believes that the Ukrainian nation doesn’t exist.


“Well, he proved the opposite with this war.

“From east to west… it’s a nation, a united nation fighting its enemy.

“And this is a kind of war that you cannot win. So he lost from the very start.”

Putin has always claimed his invasion of Ukraine was to rescue people in Donbas from persecution.

The Russian anchor explained he was reporting during the annexation of Crimea and could see parallels with what was going on then and now.

Russian state outlets 'contributing to Ukraine war' says Krichevskaya

Back in 2014, TV Rain faced strong pushback from the Russian Government after it was broadcasting anti-war messages and fought back against anti-LGBT legislation.

The documentary “Tango with Putin” follows the station’s conflict with Putin which saw the broadcaster raided.

Mr Fishman said he fully expected TV Rain to face opposition from the Government but did not expect the reaction to be so swift and brutal.

Mr Fishman hosted the popular “And so on” current affairs show on TV Rain and told Express.co.uk he was forced to evacuate the country for his safety.

The independent journalist explained he had tried to flee to several countries but had been prevented from entering.


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He added he has switched off from the media since his escape as his primary focus is the safety of him and his family.

Mr Fishman was also upset at how he now had to “reimagine” his life and career as he is forced out of Russia.

The Russian Government is attempting to crack down on dissenting voices and independent broadcasters in the country by punishing those spreading “misinformation” about the Ukraine conflict with 15 years in prison.

TV Rain was forced to go dark when the new laws were introduced with many of the staff forced to flee the country for their safety.

However, co-founder of the station, Vera Krichevskaya told Express.co.uk there was still a sizable number still trapped as the station employed roughly 200 staff.

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