Love Has Won cult, leader Amy Carlson to be featured on “Dateline NBC”

The story of the Love Has Won cult and its late leader Amy Carlson, known as Mother God to her followers, will be featured Friday night in a two-hour television documentary.

Carlson’s family, former followers and Saguache County law enforcement were interviewed for the “Dateline NBC” documentary, according to a news release from the show. The episode airs at 8 p.m. locally on KUSA-Chanel 9.

The cult gained international notoriety in May after Saguache County sheriff’s deputies found Carlson’s mummified remains in a sleeping bag wrapped in Christmas lights in a house in Moffat. Authorities said her followers drove her body to Colorado from California and were waiting for her ascension.

After Carlson’s death, her followers rebranded themselves and scattered around the United States. People who watch the cult and try to rescue its members say the group has less than 30 devoted followers in the United States and a few others internationally.

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