Macron FURY: Bastille Day celebrations marred by violent protest and riot police standoffs

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France’s national holiday, Bastille Day, was marred by violent protest and scuffles with riot police in Paris on Tuesday. Multiple clashes saw protesters chase Emmanuel Macron’s riot police out of streets due to the demonstraters’ overwhelming numbers. This resulted in riot police throwing tear gas in hopes of dispersing the large crowds.

Videos quickly surfaced on social media of standoffs between protestors and police descending into violent battles.

A particularly intense scene at the Place de la Bastille saw protestors trip a riot police officer and attack them on the ground with multiple kicks before another officer was able to intervene.

A massive protest march was also organised by a major trade union association, as the country celebrated Bastille Day.

The CGT and the CIH are two groups calling for more support from President Macron for public health care facilities and workers.

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An estimated 3,000 people joined the event and walked from the Place de la Republique in central Paris to the Place de la Bastille.

Yellow Vest protesters were also among the thousands protesting on the national holiday.

France’s BFM TV claimed the march attracted some 150 radicals according to the word of law enforcement.

These protests mark a growing frustration among French citizens for President Macron’s work during the coronavirus crisis and disagreements over health care payments.

The protesters accused President Emmanuel Macron’s Government of failing to provide sufficient aid to the nation’s healthcare system amid the Covid-19 pandemic and denounced wage agreements signed just a day before as a “fraud.”

On Monday, the French government and the trade unions signed an accord that included €7.5 billion euros (£6.8 billion) for pay increases to nurses and caregivers. Under the agreement, each of them was expected to get a monthly pay boost of €183 (£166).

However, some demonstrators felt this did not go far enough and told the French media that the wage increase should be no less than €300 (£272).

The French President also had a security scare as protestors located Mr Macron and wife Brigitte in the Tuileries Garden, close to the Elysee Palace where they live.


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Protesters furiously called for the Mr Macron to resign and chanted other slogans at the President.

President Macron’s security was able to form a physical barrier between them and the protestors, however.

Mr Macron attempted to address the protesters and asked them to remain calm and civil to avoid any problems.

While walking up to the protesters Mr Macron said: “Happy July 14.

“Stay cool and there will be no problems. It is a public holiday and I’m going for a walk with my wife.”

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